Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little by little.

I have been thinking about where I am going with this blog. At first it was going to be a tutorial site. Eh, lots of those around. Instead I am going to just go with what gets my interest.  I will keep it on topic as being woodworking and leave it at that for a formal topic.

I have a huge mess in my workshop right now. I have been getting tooled up to do some auxiliary metal work I am also planning a CNC router. As far as regular woodworking, I need to get some stuff organized.  Many of the tools I have are things I had when my shop was in my old house. The building was broken into and I took most of what was left and put it into storage. Last year, I built a small sailboat -- well actually I finished a small sailboat. I partially built a couple other ones but did not finish them. Just learning how to use new stuff like the epoxy. I got out part of my tools then but that type of building really doesn't take many tools. After finishing that, I started going through what tools I had and deciding what I wanted to use as a basic tool set. I had previously had more power tools but began to find the hand tools were more to my liking.

The main things that I have built first are some basic things. A couple small workbenches. Several planes. A new saw. I have also been filling out the tool set. I grabbed a couple new frame saws, a new set of chisels, and a few other things. It really doesn't take that many tools. Not to be disingenuous, I am not a total hand tool person. I have quite a few power tools. They are just not the big part of what I use. They are for the boring part. As an example,  I really don't like resawing by hand. I would rather use the bandsaw.  I have also built up a really nice router table. Not from scratch, just from components. It is one of the chicken or the egg problems. I could build a router table from scratch but I would want to use a router table to build it. I also picked up a new jointer/planer combo machine. So far, I have not run it in planer mode because it is rolling around on my dolly since I don't have a stand for it yet.

Well, it will take some time to get things in order.  Pretty soon, there will be some organization bringing things together. It is just now getting warm enough to spend time in my garage shop and some other stuff has cleared up so I am able to move around better. Things are looking up.

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