Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi everyone.

I have kind of schizophrenic as far as my taste in tools. I really like the new high tech stuff, and I also have a taste for old fashioned low tech hand tools.  Some people may disagree but hey, the only thing I promise you is my opinion. If you want my opinions on the high tech stuff, jump over to my other blog: There are a lot of other good hand tool wood working blogs that I will mention now and then. They all have different focus and different personalities. It is a fun group.

There are a lot of ways to spend serious money on woodworking tools. You really don't have to unless something really gets your interest. There are a few basic things though that you can get started with that don't cost much at all. From that basic set, you can work your way into a really nice tool set that can handle most jobs. More importantly, once you have a basic set, many of the others you can make for yourself. Pulling yourself up by your own boot straps as they say.

What I am not going to do here is tell you to scour the flea markets and garage sales. Yes, you could save money. Maybe. That assumes that you also know what you are looking for. It also assumes that you can tell a workable item from a dog. It also assumes that you are not having to use any gas and your time has no value.I also will not always point out the cheapest items. Sometimes, it is cheaper to buy high quality stuff that lasts a lifetime.  Actually, many of these things will last many lifetimes if cared for. Some are also disposable. Sometimes that is cheaper and easier.

As I talk about different tools, I will also discuss how to use them. You might already know some but many people are just starting out.

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